Jaggi to meet with an accident in Saathiya


Dharam’s marriage halts by an accident. Sita’s dad Keshav drinks the poisonous juice and falls down. Everyone gets shocked seeing Keshav dead. Bhavani cries for her husband. Gaura thinks how did this happen in her house. Gaura consoles Bhavani and hugs her. She then realizes Bhavani has done this with Keshav. Bhavani wanted to kill Dharam’s would be wife by that juice, but Keshav has drunk it.

Meanwhile, Jaggi faces a tough time. Gaura sends the goons after Jaggi. Jaggi meets with an accident. Gopi gets shocked hearing the news. Gopi gets informed by doctor that Jaggi is critical. She gets her annoyance and anger out by doing Tandav in temple. She prays for Jaggi’s recovery. Gaura wanted to hide the secret and get Jaggi’s locket, which would prove Gaura’s crime to attack Urvashi.


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