Meghna finds clues against Nandkishore in Swabhimaan


Kunal and Karan manage the kitchen and impress Sharda. They prepare the fruit juice. Kunal praises himself and tells Sharda that even Meghna can’t make better fruit juice than him. Kunal and Karan lift Sharda’s mood by cheering her up. Kunal asks Sharda to have juice, did she not like it. They succeed in making Sharda smile. Kuanl and Karan believe Sharda, that she did not do anything wrong. They are sad for whatever happened with Sharda. Kunal tells Sharda that he is her son and will always stand by her. Sharda is glad seeing her daughters happy, with such good life partners.

Meghna and Naina are fighting for Sharda’s self esteem. They are worried and think who is the one who wants to defame Sharda. Meghna gets a video and checks it. She tells Naina that if they carefully see the video, they can find the truth. She says I got to know the man, who has defamed our mum, he is none other than Nandkishore. She says Nandkishore has ruined Sharda’s name. Naina asks Meghna how can she be sure and blame Nandkishore. Meghna reminds Naina how Nandkishore insulted Sharda before. She shows the clue against Nandkishore.

She says just he can do such cheap work to ruin our mum’s respect. Naina can’t believe Nandkishore can do this. Naina says Nandkishore is Kunal and Karan’s dad, why will he do this, he is like our dad, how can you blame him by a small clue. Meghna says he is my dad, but if he defames Sharda, then he will be just Nandkishore for me, I will make him pay for his wrong deeds. Naina tries explaining Meghna. Meghna explains Naina why her doubt on Nandkishore has strong roots. Meghna decides to find the complete truth.


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