Shwetlana and Kaali Thakur to team up in Dil Boley Oberoi


Tej throws a party to celebrate his big deal with Kaali Thakur. It’s a day of success for Tej, while it’s a day of tension for Omkara. Omkara and Gauri are worried and keep an eye on Kaali Thakur. Kaali Thakur has got dangerous surprises for Omkara and Gauri. Shwetlana performs in the party. Gauri, dressed as Chulbul, worries that if Kaali Thakur catches her, he will take her back to Bareilly. Shwetlana eyes Kaali Thakur, knowing he is a rich guy. Kaali Thakur looks for Gauri in the party. He tells Tej that he has come to take something dear and valuable. Kaali Thakur and Omkara get into an argument.

Shwetlana is angry seeing Tej getting 3000 crores deal, while Omkara has nothing. Tej asks Shwetlana to think about her decision again. Shwetlana is greedy about money, and thinks to go back to Tej. Kaali Thakur and Shwetlana will be joining hands against Omkara. Gauri hides her real identity from Kaali Thakur and Omkara. Kaali Thakur will be catching Chulbul, knowing she is Gauri in disguise. Omkara will be taking a stand for Gauri.


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