High Five Spoilers

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira and Naksh meet the inspector. Kartik tracks Naira and reaches police station. He does not find Naira there and thinks maybe Naira is at the accident spot. Naira visits the accident spot, which snatched Akshara from her. She cries seeing the place and shouts to Akshara. Kartik follows Naira to the place and sees her shattered. He apologizes to her from his family’s side. Kartik and Naira’s love is suffering for someone’s mistake. Kartik fears the distance can end their relation. He is ready to accept any punishment from her. He begs to Naira to forgive her. He is trying to get his love back. He asks Naira to listen understand him.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Jaggi gets treated by the doctors. Gopi is worried for Jaggi’s life. She has lost Ahem, and does not want to lose Jaggi. Entire Modi family is worried for Jaggi. Gopi asks nurse for Jaggi. Nurse tells Gopi that Jaggi’s operation is going on, and his state is not well. Gopi has kept the fast for Jaggi. The man tells Gopi that after Jaggi’s accident, no one helped him, Jaggi reached hospital after much delay, he had much bleeding. Doctor tells Gopi that Jaggi had much blood loss, if Jaggi was brought to hospital on time, he would have got fine soon. Gopi feels guilty and says I was there at the accident spot, I could have saved Jaggi.

Maya plays a game with Vandana. Maya counts down till ten and asks Vandana to hide. Maya’s hide and seek game gets dangerous when Maya takes a knife in hand. Vandana gets scared seeing Maya and runs from there. She does not want to hurt Vandana, but is playing with Vandana as her toy. Vandana gets injured. Saanjh comes there. Saanjh sees Vandana’s bleeding hand. She gets angry and wants to confront Maya. Vandana worries seeing Saanjh, and does not let her come inside the house. Vandana never accepted Maya. She sends Saanjh away to ensure her safety. Maya catches Vandana. Vandana gets afraid as Maya can do anything.


Vivaan erases Imli’s memories from his room. He throws away all of Imli’s belongings. He does not want to see Imli’s photo. He sees Imli everywhere. He does not want Imli around. Imli’s memories are not leaving from his heart. Vivaan is frustrated and dying every moment seeing Imli’s memories around him. He asks Imli to leave from his life, as he hates her for her deceive. He wants to forget Imli. He is mistaken that Imli is pregnant with Suraj’s child. Ragini sees Vivaan shattered. She adds fuel in the fire and provokes him more, asking him to take revenge from Suraj. She says Suraj cheated you, its time to show them that Vivaan is not a weak person, but he is smart and sensible man who has power in his hands and can do miracle. She says this is the right time to show your power.


Devanshi and Vardaan’s haldi ceremony will be seen. Vardaan gets to know Kusum Sundari’s planning. Vardaan would not let her planning to succeed. Nutan applies the haldi to Devanshi and Vardaan’s faces. Kusum Sundari also comes for the rituals. Devanshi stays alert and does not want Kusum Sundari to do any abshagun as she did in mehendi ceremony. Vardaan thinks Kusum Sundari added something in haldi, which will spoil Devanshi’s face. He asks Kusum Sundari to apply haldi to her face first.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Rani and Raja got to know about their reincarnation truth. Rani wants to marry Raj at the earliest. Raj tells Rani to give him some months time, as he is not ready for marriage right now.


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