Kokila to find culprit behind Jaggi’s accident in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Jaggi gets treated by the doctors. Gopi is worried for Jaggi’s life. She has lost Ahem, and does not want to lose Jaggi. Entire Modi family is worried for Jaggi. Gopi asks nurse for Jaggi. Nurse tells Gopi that Jaggi’s operation is going on, and his state is not well. Gopi has kept the fast for Jaggi. The man tells Gopi that after Jaggi’s accident, no one helped him, Jaggi reached hospital after much delay, he had much bleeding. Doctor tells Gopi that Jaggi had much blood loss, if Jaggi was brought to hospital on time, he would have got fine soon. Gopi feels guilty and says I was there at the accident spot, I could have saved Jaggi, but I was passing by that route, I have seen the accident and did not see Jaggi, I got down the car and did not know this will happen, I should have helped anyone in Jaggi’s place, I did big mistake. She has no idea how Jaggi’s accident happened.

Gopi falls in trauma. She wants to repent for her mistake and runs to the temple. She does the Tandav in anger. She gets too emotional and holds herself responsible for Jaggi’s state. She says I should have helped Jaggi. Gaura has played this dangerous game. Jaggi has the evidence against Gaura. Gopi learns Jaggi’s importance in her life. Kokila and Gopi will find Gaura’s involvement in the accident and punish her. Jaggi gets conscious. Gopi and entire family meet him and get relieved seeing him fine.


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