Shocking truth to affect Shivika in Ishqbaaz


Anika finds Shivay worried and asks him the matter. Pinky has disturbed Shivay by her questions about Anika’s background. Shivay does not tell anything to Anika. Anika insists to know what’s troubling Shivay. Shivay hugs Anika, fearing to lose her. She tells him that she went to meet Mahi. He asks her why did she meet that dangerous man. She asks him to think how can his face and voice match with Mahi so much. He says there is a big difference between Mahi and me, his eye colors is not like me, maybe the enemies have given him my face by surgery.

She wants to know why Mahi rescued Shivay. Shivay asks her to leave the matter to police. Shivay prepares for Kulgotra puja. He gets in stress. He takes medicines. She finds the same medicines box which she has seen in Mahi’s house. He tells her that he takes the medicines for his heart condition. She realizes Mahi has the same heart problem, and even he takes the same medicine. She thinks how can the health problems be same. She gets a doubt that Mahi is Shivay’s twin brother. She wonders how can this happen. He thinks to opt for DNA test to know Shivay and Mahi’s relation.

Pinky calls Anika for the Kulgotra puja. She expects Anika to answer nothing but the truth. Dadi tells Anika about the puja, where Anika will be linked to their family list. Guru ji asks Anika about her family background. Anika accepts that she has no surname, she does not know about her parents. Shivay thinks Sahil and Anika’s parents are same, and tells them about Sahil’s parents. He gives the details assuming its Anika’s parents.

Anika stops Guru ji and tells everyone that she does not know her clan. She tells Shivay that Sahil’s parents are not her parents. She says I have no name and identity. She fears this day and Shivay’s reaction. Pinky creates a drama and wants Shivay to make Anika out of the family. She says family name and blood matter a lot to Shivay. Anika apologizes to Shivay for hiding him this big truth till now.


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