Vardaan gets suspicious of Kusum Sundari’s plans in Devanshi


Devanshi and Vardaan’s haldi ceremony will be seen. Vardaan gets to know Kusum Sundari’s planning. Vardaan would not let her planning to succeed. Nutan applies the haldi to Devanshi and Vardaan’s faces. Kusum Sundari also comes for the rituals. Devanshi stays alert and does not want Kusum Sundari to do any abshagun as she did in mehendi ceremony. Vardaan thinks Kusum Sundari added something in haldi, which will spoil Devanshi’s face. He asks Kusum Sundari to apply haldi to her face first.

Nutan asks why will Kusum Sundari apply haldi to herself. Kusum Sundari applies the haldi to her face and proves Vardaan’s doubt wrong. Kusum Sundari will make a big plan to stop the marriage. Vardaan and Devanshi doubt that this silence is the sign of the big storm coming their way. Kusum Sundari wants to create illusion and suspicion in Vardaan’s mind, so that when she plays her big move, Vardaan does not doubt on her. Devanshi cheers up Vardaan by talking in a romantic way.


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