Anika walks out of Oberoi mansion in Ishqbaaz


Anika apologizes to Shivay. She asks him if he regards her as his wife. Shivay tells her the only truth is that she is his wife. He asks her not to think anything. He consoles her with a pacifying hug. Anika feels Shivay has accepted her without giving importance to her clan. Omkara and Rudra ask Shivay if there is some problem. Rudra tries to cheer up Shivay. He cracks his jokes and normalizes the situation. Omkara asks Shivay to share things with him. He asks about Anika. Shivay says its not Anika’s mistake, the problem is about her family background, family lineage matters to me, I want to know about her background, its much important for me.

Anika hears Shivay and asks him if this is really important to him. She knew this thing will make her lose so badly. She gets hurt by Shivay’s words. He tries to explain her. She says I should not stay in your life. She walks out of the house. Shivay asks her to not step out of the house. Anika leaves. Pinky asks Shivay not to explain anything to Anika, its good she left on her own. She says bad people are raised in orphanage. She asks him to give divorce to Anika. Shivay argues with Pinky. Shivay talks to Sahil again. He calls Anika. Anika disconnects his call. Sahil asks Shivay to relax.

Shivay goes to meet Anika. Anika does not like to meet him. Anika throws water on his face. Shivay leaves from there. He comes back and throws water on Anika’s face. He lifts Anika and takes her with him. The lady asks Anika is Shivay your husband. Anika says yes, but stop him, I don’t want to go. Shivay makes Anika sit in the car and brings her home. He asks Anika to sit quiet and let him explain. Shivay hugs her. Anika sadly tells him that she did not had her parents’ name ever, life has troubled her a lot. She asks Shivay do they ask surname from Lord, why do humans need a surname, can human not be judged by his qualities and goodness, is surname everything. She cries out her pain how people insulted her calling her an illegitimate and orphan. Shivay cries hearing Anika out.


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