Anika’s past to bring new twists in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Shivay argue and have a fight. Anika leaves from the house. Shivay goes to her chawl to get Anika back home. Anika throws water on his face and refuses to go with him. Shivay forcibly gets her home. They both show Tashan like before. Anika pushes him down the bed. Shivay gets a shock and shouts Anika. She wakes up from sleep and shouts thief, catch him. He says its me, Shivay. She has a habit to kick while sleeping. She asks how did you fall down. He says you kicked me twice till now. She asks did I do this and laughs on him. She boasts of her strength, that she managed to kick Bagad Billa twice.

She says I can just make you lose in arm wrestle within few seconds. He challenges her to arm wrestle. Anika agrees and they arm wrestle. Anika fails to win. Shivay talks to Sahil and asks him about Anika. Sahil tells Shivay that Bua always used to taunt Anika, that my dad got her from an orphanage. Shivay tries finding Anika‚Äôs family and past. Pinky gets to know Shivay’s plan. She says Shivay wants to find Anika’s past, I should stop him. She spies on Shivay. Anika’s family background will soon be known and bring many twists. Keep reading.


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