Bhaiya ji to support Imli in tough times in Udaan

Udaan Chakor get suspicious about Imli's return

Vivaan makes Imli leave the house. Imli has done a lot for Vivaan. Vivaan has blamed her for such a wrong thing. Imli thinks why is she facing all this when was true to Vivaan and his love. She can’t believe Vivaan is showing her this day. Imli cries and expresses her pain. Chakor and Suraj come to support Imli. Suraj says you can’t make Imli leave from the house, Imli won’t go anywhere. Vivaan laughs and says look who’s saying, Imli’s old lover Suraj is speaking up. Vivaan gets much angry and does not listen to any of the haveli members. Suraj raises hand on Vivaan for his cheap blames. Imli shouts on Suraj, asking who is he to speak between her and Vivaan. Vivaan claps for Imli’s drama. He does not trust Imli or anyone else. He wants to make himself powerful and show everyone their place.

Bhaiya ji stops Vivaan and gives him sweets. He says I know a baby is going in this haveli. He feeds sweets to Vivaan, saying you are the father of the child. Vivaan gets more provoked. Bhaiya ji says I have become grandfather. Vivaan is adamant. Everyone try to stop Vivaan from his move. Bhaiya ji asks Imli to come. Vivaan shouts on him. He asks the men to take Bhaiya ji to his room and lock him. Bhaiya ji is doing a good deed. He is saving Imli from Vivaan’s anger. Vivaan does not pity on Imli. He asks the men to aim gun at Imli, and shoot her if she tries to run away. The men catch Chakor and Suraj. Chakor knows Vivaan is not wrong, and even Imli is right. She wants to explain them to solve the problem by logical way. Vivaan takes Imli to the village to drop her to her parents’ house.


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