Veer to punish Shivani and Rangeela in Ghulaam


There is a new drama. Veer is angry on Shivani. He tells her that he will kill Rangeela. Jageer provokes Veer. He says Rangeela has kept Shivani at his home all night. They have an affair and we did not know about this. Shivani loves Rangeela. She has hit Veer and ran away from the home. Rangeela has got Shivani home. Veer tells everyone how Shivani fooled him and ran away. He says Shivani has showed bravery and then she has cheated me. He aims the gun at Rangeela and wants to pressurize Shivani. He asks Shivani to hug him in front of everyone, like she hugged him that time before hitting him on his head.

Choudhary asks him not to get personal matter out in front of everyone. Veer says Shivani made fun of me, now she has to apologize. He counts down and tells her that he will shoot Rangeela. Shivani gets scared and hugs Veer. Veer says Shivani is my Jhansi ki rani and makes her wear a pagdi. Jageer asks Veer to keep Shivani alive or dead, its his wish, but decide about punishing Rangeela. Veer keeps a function at home, and announces that Rangeela and Shivani will dance all night and entertain his guests.


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