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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Raja and Rani get engaged. Raja gets to hear the taunts by people. He gets angry when people taunt that poor guy is lucky to get a rich guy. They taunt Raja for the cheap ring he got for Rani. Rani stops Raja from leaving. Raja’s mood gets spoiled because of the taunts. Raja and Rani’s haldi ceremony will be seen. Rani takes the haldi for Raja. Rani knows how to convince Raja. She acts to faint and falls in his arms. Raja holds Rani and applies haldi to her face. Rani smiles as her wishes got fulfilled.

Chandrakanta: Chandrakanta and Virendra find reasons to meet. She asks does he not want anyone to share his feelings. He says I do feel the need of a friend, and now I think my wait is over. He stays around Chandrakanta as her shadow. She thinks of just Virendra, when she is in any problem. Chandrakanta’s loving side is seen when she is with Virendra. He finds her kiddish to get scared of a cockroach. Virendra recalls how he left the cockroach to divert her mind, while he looks for the keys. While she hugs him, he sees the keychain stuck in her clothes. Virendra tries to get the keys from her. He fails to get the keys.

Devanshi: Devanshi gets ready as the bride. She performs in her bridal wear. Devanshi is very happy and waits to see her groom Vardaan. Devanshi’s room catches fire. Ishwar asks everyone about Vardaan. Golu says Vardaan said he will just come and make a grand entry, but he disappeared. Kusum Sundari gets shocked seeing Devanshi fine. Shikhar has helped Devanshi in her survival. Kusum Sundari and Mohan kidnap Shikhar and lock him up.


Mere Angne Mein: Shivam promises Kaushalya that he will quit drinking. Raghav and Kaushalya get happy with Shivam’s decision. Things get normal in the family. Kaushalya succeeds to end Raghav’s annoyance.

Shivani and Rangeela dance on Veer’s orders. Shivani gets a golden opportunity to dance with her love, and expresses her feelings to Rangeela again. Rangeela gets tensed seeing her. Maldawali imagines a romantic dance with Rangeela. Maldawali gets jealous seeing Rangeela and Shivani. Rangeela tells Shivani that Veer is punishing her because of her, and asks her to stay away. Choudhary asked Rangeela to dance with Gulguli. Gulguli had foot injury, so Rangeela and Shivani had to dance.


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