Marriage twist: Devanshi’s anxious call for Vardaan


Devanshi gets ready as the bride. She performs in her bridal wear. Devanshi is very happy and waits to see her groom Vardaan. Devanshi’s room catches fire. Ishwar asks everyone about Vardaan. Golu says Vardaan said he will just come and make a grand entry, but he disappeared. Kusum Sundari gets shocked seeing Devanshi fine. Shikhar has helped Devanshi in her survival. Kusum Sundari and Mohan kidnap Shikhar and lock him up.

Devanshi calls Vardaan by her song and is restless to see him. Her heart is anxious and calls him out. Devanshi is afraid and sees Kusum Sundari and Mohan. She knows Kusum Sundari is not Vardaan’s real mom and can kill him. She has got ready for marriage, and has challenged Kusum Sundari that she will marry Vardaan on the set date and mahurat. Kusum Sundari failed to burn Devanshi alive. She could not stop Devanshi from reaching mandap, but tries hard to stop the groom. Devanshi is sure that Vardaan will come. Devanshi’s call for her love will get Vardaan back.


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