Naira to forgive Goenka family in Yeh Rishta…


Entire Goenka family is upset seeing Kartik’s pain. They all go and meet Naira, to apologize to her. Naira has forgiven Mansi and Goenka family. Mansi hugs Naira. Naira meets inspector and shuts Akshara’s accident case. She feels Ajay is not the culprit and gets him released. She is much hurt by Kartik. She tells Kartik that she needs time to forget this. She could not forgive Kartik. She tells Mansi that people do mistakes, but its big thing to accept the mistake. Kartik gets worried for his relation. Goenka family is thankful to Naira for not getting Mansi arrested. Kartik apologizes to Naira, but Naira goes.

Singhanias understand that Mansi has done the accident by mistake, it was not purposely done. They all forgive Mansi, as she is young and her future can get spoiled by the police case. Everyone expects Naira to forgive Kartik. The families got normal now. The relations got balanced. Kartik pleads to Naira to forgive him. Manish and Suwarna cry for their son. Kartik asks Naira not to turn face away, don’t be so annoyed, as he can’t live without her. Dadi asks Naitik to explain Naira. Kartik fears the distance between him and Naira can harm their relation.


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