Devanshi brings Vardaan back to life


Kusum Sundari tried to corrupt Devanshi and Vardaan’s mind by spoiling their happiness in all the pre marriage functions. Kusum Sundari then plans to kill Devanshi and Vardaan. While Devanshi gets saved by her smartness, Vardaan falls prey to Kusum Sundari’s evil plans. Vardaan meets with an accident. Mohan orders his men to get Vardaan’s dead body to them, so that the villagers curse Devanshi for Vardaan’s death. Devanshi receives a big shock seeing Vardaan, but believes he is alive. The doctor confirms Vardaan is dead. Kusum Sundari and entire village blame Devanshi for Vardaan’s death. Devanshi sticks to her belief in Maiyya and declares her decision of conducting the marriage. She ties Vardaan to herself and takes him to mandap.

Devanshi takes wedding rounds with Vardaan and asks him to fill her hairline with sindoor, so that their marriage gets completed. Kusum Sundari calls Devanshi mad to marry a dead guy. Devanshi’s faith wins. Everyone sees Maiyya’s miracle when Vardaan comes back to life by Devanshi’s true devotion. Vardaan puts sindoor in Devanshi’s hairline, which completes their marriage. Kusum Sundari loses out in her evil intentions after Devanshi and Vardaan unite. The villages regard Devanshi as the supreme power sent by Maiyya in Jwalapuri. They takes Devanshi’s blessings after witnessing the miracle when Vardaan came back to life. Devanshi decides to find solid evidence against Kusum Sundari to get her arrested.


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