Rangeela to maintain his loyalty in Ghulaam


Shivani dances holding Rangeela’s jacket. She laughs and imagines Rangeela with him. Shivani is excited to perform dance with him. Rangeela does not want any problem to happen because of her. He asks her to do anything and go anywhere, but he is not related to her. He says just you will be responsible for whatever happened, you came back by your wish. He tells her not to involve him in her madness. He was angry and does not want to see her face. She asks him why is he annoyed with her. He says you are not my responsibility, I had left you out of Berahampur, but you came back, now I can’t help you, you have to bear whatever happens, I have no identity here, how will I stand for you.

Maldawali tells Shivani that room AC is not working, but she will send Rangeela to fix it. Choudhary beats an AC mechanic for fixing a damaged AC. He asks Rangeela to beat the mechanic. Rangeela asks the men to leave the man. He explains Choudhary about AC units and mechanism. Choudhary says fine, think of this beating as prasad from Berahampur. He frees the mechanic. Shivani sees Rangeela’s loyalty to Choudhary and Veer. She fails to win Rangeela’s love.



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