Kaali Thakur’s dangerous move panics Omkara in Dil Boley Oberoi


Kaali Thakur lays a trap for Omkara to feed him to the hungry alligator. Gauri prays to Lord to help her out so that she can save her husband. Jhanvi senses Omkara is in problem and rushes after Omkara. Buamaa follows Jhanvi. Gauri does not get help from anyone. She senses Rudra is at home and shouts. Rudra hears music and does not sense her presence. Shwetlana and Omkara reach the place, thinking Tej and Kaali Thakur’s deal is going to happen. Shwetlana asks Omkara to go alone and call her if he finds anything. Gauri tries to seek help from Rudra via the mini robot. Omkara lands at the place, where Kaali Thakur’s plan is waiting to hit him. Omkara gets caged by Kaali Thakur. Omkara gets a big shock seeing Shwetlana and Kaali Thakur together, and realizes Chulbul was right.

Shwetlana was forced to help Kaali Thakur, after the latter got to know her real secret. Shwetlana genuinely wanted to help Omkara, but her past forced her to side with Kaali Thakur. Gauri tells Rudra that Omkara will get killed by Kaali Thakur. Rudra says none can kill Omkara. He asks Gauri to tell him where did Omkara go. Gauri says Shwetlana has taken Omkara along. They try to find the location so that they can help Omkara. Jhanvi and Buamaa reach the place. Kaali’s men catch Jhanvi. Omkara gets a huge shock seeing the big dangerous animal. Kaali Thakur asks Omkara to get ready for his death. He asks Omkara to tell him about Gauri, else face his pet animal.


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