Vivaan and Ragini shocking announcement next in Udaan


Suraj asks Vivaan why is he stop villagers from going to work. Vivaan asks the men to make Suraj stand with bandhuas. He reminds Suraj that even though Suraj stays in haveli, he is still their bandhua. Ragini shows the gun and says now you all will be making guns, this will be your work now. Suraj and Chakor get shocked. Vivaan says Aazaadgunj will be known for gun manufacturing now. Chakor and Suraj stop Vivaan and Ragini from starting the gun factory. Chakor asks how can you do this.

Ragini says I can make my workers do anything. Suraj tries to explain Vivaan. Vivaan asks Suraj to not call him brother, as Suraj and Imli ruined his life. He says all my dreams broke, now I want to earn much money by making guns, I will turn rich and fulfill all my dreams. Chakor says how will you earn money, police or army won’t buy these guns. Ragini says Chakor acts smart, but she does not know that there are many other buyers for guns. Chakor tells them that she will not let her peaceful village turn into gun factory. Vivaan announces to the villagers about his new factory and asks them to send the kids for work in order to earn a living.


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