Riya to plot against Avni in Naamkarann


Avni has come to stay in Dayavanti’s house. She has kept this condition in front of Dayavanti to get Amol released from jail. Dayavanti brings Avni home. Avni tells Dayavanti that she wants to change Amol into a better person. Diksha and Riya have much problem with Avni and trouble her. Neela threatens Aman and asks him not to reveal anyone about her. Riya is angry on Avni, after seeing Neil and Avni’s photos. She wants to plan and send Avni out of the house.

Riya and Diksha try to frame Avni in the theft. Ananya fails them in the game. The family members do not know that Dayavanti has gone bankrupt, while Avni knows the entire truth, that Dayavanti has no richness left. Avni plans to bring this truth out in front of everyone. The family gets a shock knowing this secret. Dayavanti gets angry when everyone question her seeing the empty safe. Avni gets cleared from all accusations on her own. Dayavanti wants Riya to marry Neil to turn rich by the alliance. Dayavanti never wanted anyone to know her financial status. Avni plans to make Dayavanti’s life hell. Riya’s foolish plans help out Avni indirectly in her motives.


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