Ashok to ruin Adi’s sangeet in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ashok instigates Gagan to reach Adi and stop his wedding with Aaliya. The family is happy for Adi and Aaliya’s sangeet. The family showers love on Adi and bless him for a wonderful life. Raman asks Ishita to go and get ready for sangeet. Ishita looks for Roshni. Ishita meets her and asks her to wear new clothes, get ready soon and come. Mani is happy for Aaliya’s new journey. He hugs Aaliya with huge blessings. Shagun asks Mani to stop being emotional and not make the bride cry. Shagun asks Aaliya about her engagement ring. Aaliya does not get the ring in her room. She realizes the ring might have gone with parlor lady, along with the makeup items. She asks Shagun and Mani to reach venue, they will get the ring from parlor lady and come. Ashok asks Gagan to reach the hotel and stop Adi’s sangeet. Aaliya gets her ring from the parlor lady. Gagan spots Aaliya on the way.

Raman’s mood spoils because of Ashok. Ishita asks Raman not to spoil his mood and enjoy Adi’s sangeet. Gagan follows Aaliya. Roshni spots Gagan and worries thinking why did Gagan come from Khandpur. She tries to inform Adi about Gagan’s arrival. She fails to inform Adi. Adi and Aaliya happily enjoy the sangeet. The old and new generation competition begins in sangeet. Romi stops Roshni from reaching Adi. Roshni says I had to talk to Adi. Romi asks her to just stay away from Adi. Roshni informs Adi about Gagan. Adi gets worried fearing Gagan may spill out entire truth. Can Roshni save Adi and Aaliya’s sangeet? Keep reading.


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