Bhavani attempts to stop Dharam’s marriage in Saathiya


Ramakant/Ricky is worried. He has reached the Chawl. He thinks where is Sita, I m not getting any food here, it would have been good if I stayed in jail, atleast I would get food on time. Sita gets the tiffin for Ricky. She has found him drunk and fallen somewhere. She felt bad for Ricky and got him to the chawl. She rescued him. She wants to help Ricky and take care of him, as he is Gopi’s son, the Modi family have helped him a lot, Sita is doing everything for Ricky. Ricky keeps demands and asks her to get sweets. Sita does not love him anymore. She taunts him for getting bitterness in his life, by leaving his family, he should be thankful to get food, how can he keep demands. He gets angry. She says truth is always truth, which wrong person can’t understand. She gets the sweets for him and fulfills his wish.

Meanwhile, Bhavani tells Divya that she will hang him, if she comes in her way. She wants to kill Divya and stop him from marrying Dharam. Bhavani wants to scare her and make her leave from Dharam’s house. She asks her to check the mind-blowing plan, the one who comes to give you life will actually take your life. She is just doing this to scare Divya and make her run away from house. Divya begs to Bhavani to let her go. She runs from the house. Vidya asks everyone did they see Divya anywhere. Dharam does not understand what’s happening. Vidya tells Bhavani that she will not leave her if anything happens to Divya. She understands Bhavani has done this. Bhavani asks Vidya to do anything, and is madly in love with Dharam.


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