Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Sasural Simar Ka: Pari refuses to Aarav and Ananya’s marriage. She says I can’t get my daughter married to Aarav. Pari gets angry. Aarav apologizes to Ananya and her mum on his mum’s behalf. Ananya’s mum says now this marriage will happen when your family apologizes to me. On the other hand, Anjali gets her statue made. She dislikes her statue and scolds the man for making such ugly statue. She spends 25 lakhs for getting her statue. She comes home drunk and sees Vikram. She doubts on Vikram and the maid. She gets angry seeing Vikram taking care of maid. She tells Vikram that she can’t bear to see him with any woman. Vikram explains her the situation.

Naagin 2:

Rocky apologizes to Yamini. She applies bhabhuti on his forehead. Everyone wish Rocky on his birthday. Yamini plans to kill Rocky. Rocky starts feeling unwell by the Bhabhuti effect. Mahindra’s truth came out. He has shot Rocky’s mum. Rocky sees his mum in dream and gets restless to find about her. Mahindra, Yamini and their group killed Ritik. Yamini has attempted to kill Rocky’s uncle, who survives. Mahindra asks his brother about Rocky’s secret. Rocky’s uncle is the only person knowing the secret. He acts mad and troubles Mahindra. Yamini cheats and stabs Rocky. Shivangi gets hurt and senses Rocky is attacked. There will be many twists seeing in Naagin 2. Shivangi thinks to take revenge again. Rocky’s big secret will get revealed.



The villagers face a new problem. Chakor says you know very well that villagers will not make guns for you. Vivaan tells everyone that he will release them from bandhuagiri and pay them much money. He bribes them and thinks greed is the only way to get labor. Chakor says we will not melt by your proposal, we will not make guns. Chakor tells villagers that gun making can be harmful for them in future. She says we will not compromise with Vivaan, even if Vivaan arranges food and money for everyone.


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