Gauri to reveal her truth to Kaali Thakur in Dil Boley Oberoi


Kaali Thakur shocks Omkara by his plan. He asks Omkara to play such game in which he can win. He asks Omkara to meet his pet crocodile. Omkara realizes Chulbul’s warning. Kaali Thakur tells Omkara that Tej and his deal has got signed before. He says I came here to get you here. Buamaa takes a shocking angry avatar and beats up Kaali Thakur’s men. Jhanvi is taken to Kaali Thakur. Jhanvi gets shocked seeing Omkara in cage, while Omkara worries for her. Gauri and Rudra plan to come there and rescue Omkara. Kaali Thakur calls the groom Tej, and tells Jhanvi and Omkara about Tej and Shwetlana’s marriage happening today. He calls the bride. Shwetlana refuses to marry Tej. Kaali’s men catch Shwetlana and get her to Tej.

Kaali Thakur asks Shwetlana to silently marry Tej, else he will tell her truth to everyone. Shwetlana gets pressurized by him, in order to keep her secret a secret. Tej angers Omkara and asks him to shout aloud. He asks Omkara to beg for his life. Kaali Thakur captivates Jhanvi as well. Gauri and Rudra enter as dancers, and try to free Omkara. Kaali Thakur and Tej share mutual admiration for being much mean. Tej says Shwetlana is my weakness and I can do anything for her, I want to marry her. Jhanvi gets the gun and points at Tej. Kaali Thakur grabs the gun from her. Omkara gets angry on Kaali Thakur and Tej for hurting Jhanvi. Rudra feels ashamed of Tej. Gauri works out their plan. Tej asks Rudra what is he doing here. Rudra reprimands Tej for his cheap doing. Gauri hides from everyone to find some way. Gauri decides to reveal her truth to Kaali Thakur, to save Omkara.


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