Shivay and Anika’s crazy moments in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Finally Shivay accepts his marital bond

Shivay and Anika go for a drive. His car breaks down. The car gets heated. Anika takes a bottle in hurry. She assumes its water and pours petrol on the car. The car catches fire and blows. Shivay argues with her for burning his car. She says I did not know there will be petrol in water bottle. He says I did not know my wife is so talented to burn my car. They start walking and come across some trees. They eat the fresh berries which Anika plucks for free from trees.

He likes berries and finds it similar to one found in supermarkets. She tells him that even supermarkets gets fruits from such gardens, he can have more berries if he is liking the taste. Shivay and Anika get drunk by having berries and reach a house. She makes him have more berries. They laugh and talk weird things. They find the house locked. He asks for keys. She says I want keys. He says I don’t have the keys either. Shivay gets the keys under the door mat and feels its an achievement to find keys. Shivay and Anika laugh acting kiddish.


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