Shivdutt attempts to kidnap Chandrakanta


Virendra goes missing in the war ground. Chandrakanta helplessly goes to give up her life. Shivdutt has injured Virendra. Chandrakanta finds Virendra injured and cries. She asks Virendra to get up and fight, as he promised her that he will always protect her. She gets worried seeing Virendra’s state. She asks Virendra to get up and protect her. Shivdutt acts cheap and misbehaves with Chandrakanta. He drags her and says Virendra can’t help her now. She tries hard to make Virendra conscious.

Shivdutt says Virendra has left you, but I will not leave you, I will fulfill my promise, I will always keep you as a Daasi. She feels helpless seeing Virendra losing his breath. She tells Shivdutt that she will better die than giving herself to him. Shivdutt warns her not to do anything. She attacks Shivdutt. She says I won’t get insulted by you, it’s better I kill myself. He tries to kidnap Chandrakanta. She takes the knife to stab herself. Virendra gets up and stops Chandrakanta. He does not let her hurt herself. Virendra and Shivdutt have a fight.


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