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Jaat Ki Jugni:

Jyoti has kidnapped Munni, and tried to run away with her love. Bittu follows them to save Munni. Jyoti is helpless and apologizes to Munni. She pushes Munni down the car. Bittu reaches there to save Munni. He has promised Bau ji that he won’t let anything happen to Munni. Jyoti does not want Munni to get involved in their story. Munni asks Bittu why did he risk his life for her, why did he do this. She asks him to say it.


The villagers insult Imli and ask her to leave from village, Imli refuses to go. The villagers throw stones at her. The villagers say if Imli stays in the village, it will be bad affect on the girls. Chakor comes to Imli’s rescue. Suraj and Vivaan have an argument over Imli. Vivaan connects Suraj and Imli’s links. Suraj explains Vivaan that he just loves Chakor, he is just a friend for Imli, he is not the father of her child.


Anika confronts Shivay asking him if he knows the surname of Lord Shiv, why is surname so important for him, why does name and family matters so much for him, why can’t he accept her as wife without a surname. Shivay is reminded about his prestige by Pinky constantly. Pinky wants to bring shame for Shivay by proving that Anika belongs to a disgraceful family. Anika asks Shivay to answer her questions. Shivay’s heart wants him to accept his love, Anika, while his mind forces him to think about lineage. Whom will Shivay choose in such odd circumstances?

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Radhika enters Berahampur. Her car breaks down. She refuses to take Rangeela’s help. He tries to help her. Radhika is smart enough to manage her problems. Radhika heads to meet Veer. Veer has called Radhika to get her married to Rangeela. Radhika will be playing tricks against Rangeela and Shivani.


Amba threatens Mannu of committing suicide. Mannu falls emotionally weak seeing Amba. Mannu feels helpless. Raj makes Mannu realize her true feelings and dreams. Mannu runs away with Raj, while Pavaniyas attack Raj. Raj gets beaten up. Mannu takes a stand to protect Raj. Mannu fights with the men. Amba walks in the temple to kill Raj. Mannu gets against Amba to protect her love. She asks Amba to shoot Raj if she wants to see her daughter as a widow. She reminds Amba how she raised her daughter as a son. Mannu marries Raj in front of Amba, leaving the decision to Amba to accept them or not. Amba gets a huge shock with Mannu’s step.

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