Ishqbaaz – Shivay in dilemma


Shivay does not want to know Anika’s family background and sets his mind to accept Anika as a person. Even then, Pinky attempts repeatedly to push Shivay towards finding Anika’s past. Pinky fails to find Anika’s real family, and comes with a plan to fool Shivay by making him reach a bar singer. Shivay gets mistaken that the lady used to sing in temple. Pinky makes him realize Anika’s mum was bar singer, having a bad character and no proper family roots. Shivay gets deeply hurt by such a bad revelation. Pinky tries to question Shivay if he will have his children with Anika, whose blood and lineage is not known to them. She makes fun of Shivay’s feelings for Anika. Shivay falls in huge dilemma over choosing his love or his family respect.

Meanwhile, Anika confronts Shivay asking him if he knows the surname of Lord Shiv, why is surname so important for him, why does name and family matters so much for him, why can’t he accept her as wife without a surname. Shivay is reminded about his prestige by Pinky constantly. Pinky wants to bring shame for Shivay by proving that Anika belongs to a disgraceful family. Anika asks Shivay to answer her questions. Shivay’s heart wants him to accept his love, Anika, while his mind forces him to think about lineage. Whom will Shivay choose in such odd circumstances? Keep reading.


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