Naamkarann – Avni’s truth out


Ali plans to find Avni’s truth and lies about Fatima’s accident. Neela learns that Ali has tricked her to find out Avni. She does not reveal anything to Ali and Fatima, so that Avni does not fall weak meeting her old relations. Fatima gets a hope that Ali is right, and thinks of Avni getting shot on left side of her chest, while Avni’s heart is on right side, being a rare occurrence. Fatima asks Neela is Ali saying true. Neela lies to them and says Avni is dead. Ali’s doubts don’t get clear.

Aman gets locked in storeroom in Dayavanti’s house. The door gets stuck and Aman fails to come out. Everyone knock the door and try to find some way to get Aman out. Avni panics and worries for her brother’s safety. Avni tells Neil about the window in backyard, which will lead him to that room. No family member knew about that window, which was made by Avni and Ali in childhood. Neil overhears Ali and Avni’s talk. Neil gets a doubt on Avni. Ali tells Avni that she is his Avni, his best friend.

Avni refuses to Ali that she is Avni. She tells him not to call her Avni, as she is Ananya. Ali asks her about the bullet mark near the heart, where Avni was shot. Avni gets speechless. Ali gets sure that she is Avni. Ali confronts Avni about her lie. Ali asks her how does she know about the secret window. He says its because Dayavanti has locked Avni there in childhood, that’s why she remembers it, being Avni. Neil gets a shock hearing them. He thinks is this true. Neil realizes Ananya is actually Ali’s Avni.


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