High Five Spoilers

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

Shakti: Shakti and Harman left their home. They make a small hut by dry grass, like seen in movies. They make the special house for them by working together. Harman assists Soumya in work. They have an eye talk. Harman gets hurt by a dry grass straw. Soumya takes care of him. Harman realizes her love. She stumbles. Harman holds her. Soumya does not get tensed, and smiles soothingly. Harman and Soumya’s romance will be seen, away from Preeto and worries.

Swabhimaan: Naina gets against Sandhya. Naina explains Sandhya what Karan wants. Sandhya gets angry when Naina dismisses her decision. Sandhya says I have always supported Karan, there are some matters which you don’t know, you are new in this house and in Karan’s life, you don’t know what Karan goes through when Nandkishore scolds Karan, that’s why I asked you to ask Nandkishore once, this would have not happened.

Chandrakanta hugs Virendra being happy on seeing him conscious. She is glad that the poison is off his body now. Kroor Singh fails to kill Virendra.

Saathiya: Jaggi is doing something that will make Gopi confess her love for him. Gopi teaches him some physiotherapy exercises. She asks him to move his leg slowly, have medicines and take rest. She says you can call me if you want any help. Jaggi knows Gopi cares for him, he is not annoyed with her. He understands Gopi loves him, and it’s not friendship. He wants to do all his work himself, so that Gopi worries seeing him hurt.

Sasural Simar Ka: Simar tells Piyush that she is taking his agni pariksha. She says if you trust me, you have to sit in this round till I do Mata Rani’s puja. She wants to know if Piyush has Kaal in him. She is trying t get his truth out. She kept Mata Rani puja at home. Simar says its risky to leave Piyush alone, that’s why I got him here. Mata ji asks what is she saying, Piyush should have been with Roshni now. Simar says he could attack Roshni as well. Mata ji says Piyush is not Kaal. Piyush turns to Kaal and tries to hurt Simar.

Samay sees Maya in engagement and gets restless. He meets Maya and asks him to take him along, as he loves her and can’t get engaged to Saanjh. He says I don’t love Saanjh and can’t marry anyone else. He confesses his love to Maya. Maya slaps him angrily and leaves. Samay gets mad in anger.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:
Vasundara applies mehendi to Tina. Everyone is happy. Samar comes there in drenched state. Samar’s mum steals the things at home. She wanted Samar to marry some rich girl. She starts getting more profits from Pandey family. Samar’s mum gets caught in theft.


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