Jaggi to realize Gopi’s love in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Jaggi is doing something that will make Gopi confess her love for him. Gopi teaches him some physiotherapy exercises. She asks him to move his leg slowly, have medicines and take rest. She says you can call me if you want any help. Jaggi knows Gopi cares for him, he is not annoyed with her. He understands Gopi loves him, and it’s not friendship. He wants to do all his work himself, so that Gopi worries seeing him hurt.

Gopi stops Jaggi and says I will help you, you are hurt, you are behaving as if something will happen if you take my help. He stops her. She says you always get adamant like kids, you are unable to do your work, don’t do this. Jaggi is happy that Gopi loves him. He knows his one-sided love got mutual now. He tells Gopi to accept that she loves him. Gopi worriedly says they are just friends. He senses her emotions and says I will make you accept very soon that you love me. Gopi is relieved that Jaggi is not blaming her for his accident soon. She got guilt free, but does not want Jaggi to expect love from her.


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