Naina to stand against Sandhya in Swabhimaan


Naina gets against Sandhya. Naina explains Sandhya what Karan wants. Sandhya gets angry when Naina dismisses her decision. Sandhya says I have always supported Karan, there are some matters which you don’t know, you are new in this house and in Karan’s life, you don’t know what Karan goes through when Nandkishore scolds Karan, that’s why I asked you to ask Nandkishore once, this would have not happened.

Sandhya tells them that she will talk to Nandkishore now. Naina encourages Karan, but Sandhya breaks his confidence. Naina says Karan did not do anything without permission, Dada ji permitted him. Karan says Sandhya is right, she has saved me from everything till now, even today she is not wrong, I should not forget my place in this house, I should take permission from Nandkishore before doing anything, I forgot my status. He loses confidence and courage to speak up. He gets in depressing zone.


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