Simar to sense Kaal’s presence in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar tells Piyush that she is taking his agni pariksha. She says if you trust me, you have to sit in this round till I do Mata Rani’s puja. She wants to know if Piyush has Kaal in him. She is trying t get his truth out. She kept Mata Rani puja at home. Simar says its risky to leave Piyush alone, that’s why I got him here. Mata ji asks what is she saying, Piyush should have been with Roshni now. Simar says he could attack Roshni as well. Mata ji says Piyush is not Kaal. Piyush turns to Kaal and tries to hurt Simar.

Simar gets saved as she was praying to Mata Rani. Kaal leaves from Piyush’s body. Simar does not get to know about Kaal’s presence. She gets positive as the test fails. She thinks she will try to find about Kaal again. Simar turns to Piyush and sees him absolutely fine. She is glad that Mata Rani saved her and Piyush also. Piyush’s negative forces will try to hurt Bharadwaj family now. Simar is sure Kaal will show his truth to them soon. Simar wants to save Piyush and entire family.


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