Beyhadh- Maya to kill Saanjh


Samay refuses for the engagement. Maya tells him that its their secret, and she knew he will always love her. Maya gets to see Arjun coming. Samar confesses his love to Maya. Maya slaps him. Arjun sees Maya crying and does to her. Maya lies to Arjun and leaves with him. Samay hides and sees them. Maya has planned everything to get Arjun. She loves Arjun madly. Samay is also crazy like Maya. Maya controls his madness. Samay can go to any extent to get his love. Samay wants to be with Maya any way. Arjun does not know Maya and Samay’s past. Will Arjun and Saanjh get to know the truth?

Maya will be attempting to kill Saanjh and Vandana. Maya kidnaps them and tells them that her enemies die before her. She tells Saanjh that she will pray she gets rebirth and never comes across Maya again. Maya shoots Vandana.


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