Naamkarann – Avni gets shot


Avni has saved Aman from the storeroom, when he panics in darkness. She does not care if anyone realizes she is Avni and her truth gets exposed. All she gets concerned about is Aman. Neil and Ali try to help Aman. Ali gets to see his Avni in Ananya, when she worries for Aman. Fatima and Ali realize Ananya is their Avni, who is staying with NEela at her house. They get to hear that Avni has come back just for the sake of her brother Aman. Fatima gets happy knowing Avni is alive, while Ali’s belief turns true on getting his best friend back. Neil asks Ali about Avni and Ananya’s link. Ali and Avni hide the matter from Neil, and keep it a secret. Avni’s true identity does not come out in front of Neil. Avni conceals the matter as Neil is going to get related to Dayavanti’s family.

Later on, Aman threatens Avni to do as he says, else he will kill Neela. Aman wants to get revenge and holds Avni responsible for all the problems in his life. Avni gets a shock and realizes Dayavanti has made Aman an animal. She is sure to reform Aman and make her Aisha’s son. Neil gets curious to find out Avni and Aman’s connection. Ali realizes Ananya is his Avni and is very happy to get her back. Aman takes revenge and scares Avni of death. Avni gets fearless and asks Aman to shoot. Aman shoots down Avni, which shocks Neil.


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