Jaggi-Gopi’s love story begins in Saathiya


Gopi is falling in love with Jaggi. She assures him his recovery. She smiles eyeing him from far. She gets hope after Jaggi forgives her. Gopi takes care of Jaggi. He feels her concern is love. Gopi asks Jaggi not to be angry and annoyed, as he will get fine and walk on his feet very soon. She asks him to give his sorrows to him. Jaggi does not want to do this, he loves her and wants to make all sacrifices from his side. He can’t see Gopi hurt.

Gopi is trying hard to make him stand on his feet. Jaggi goes to kitchen on wheelchair. He tries to take tea himself. He fails to hold the hot tea pan and drops it on himself. Jaggi’s hand burns. Gopi runs to him hearing the sound. She applies ice to his burnt hand and takes him to room, to apply medicines. She asks Jaggi to sit quiet and not be stubborn. Jaggi asks did you get peace by helping me, you can leave now. She thinks why is he being rude towards her. She gets mistaken seeing his annoyance. Jaggi is making Gopi admit her love. Gopi and Jaggi’s love story will be seen building up.


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