Suraj-Chakor to face separation in Udaan


Suraj tells Chakor that he is responsible for Imli’s pregnancy. Suraj says its not Imli’s mistake, its my mistake. Chakor shouts on Suraj. She asks him why did he cheat her. She says I love you Suraj, and you have done this with me, why, why did my love fall short in your eyes. She asks him why did he backstab her love. Chakor shouts out her pain, believing Suraj is the father of Imli’s child. Suraj too feels her pain and sheds tears. Chakor says you don’t know what’s love, I have truly loved you, you gave me many dreams and then broke my dreams. Suraj is trying to help Imli, seeing the villagers opposing Imli. Suraj can’t see Imli’s humiliation.

Chakor says Imli is bearing Suraj’s child. She feels Imli and Suraj cheated her, when she was away from Aazaadgunj. Chakor shatters knowing this truth. Suraj hugs Chakor and consoles her. He sees her bleeding feet and does the aid. Suraj apologizes to Chakor. Chakor says Imli and you made good plan to fool me. Chakor asks Suraj to leave from her room, as their relation ended now. Suraj weeps and leaves from the room. Suraj brings Imli to haveli to keep up her respect. Chakor and Suraj will be seen separated for a while. Will Chakor find the truth? Keep reading.


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