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Jaat Ki Jugni: Bittu puts Munni is problem, and saves her. Bittu donates blood to save Munni’s life. Munni has risked her life to save Bittu. Munni gets conscious. Bau ji gets a relief knowing Munni is fine. Munni’s brothers meet her and are thankful to Lord. Munni asks Bau ji did he forgive Bittu. She wants to know if they all have forgiven Bittu. She says I know you all are annoyed with Bittu. Bau ji forgives Bittu, and announces Jyoti and Vikram’s marriage to happen with everyone’s acceptance. Bau ji is thankful to Bittu for giving blood to Munni. Bittu meets Munni. He is always there to support her.

Udaan: Suraj tells Chakor that he is responsible for Imli’s pregnancy. Suraj says its not Imli’s mistake, its my mistake. Chakor shouts on Suraj. She asks him why did he cheat her. She says I love you Suraj, and you have done this with me, why, why did my love fall short in your eyes. She asks him why did he backstab her love. Chakor shouts out her pain, believing Suraj is the father of Imli’s child. Suraj too feels her pain and sheds tears. Chakor says you don’t know what’s love, I have truly loved you, you gave me many dreams and then broke my dreams. Suraj is trying to help Imli, seeing the villagers opposing Imli. Suraj can’t see Imli’s humiliation.


Chandrakanta and Virendra have a romantic moment. Chandrakanta’s presence around makes him feel for her. She makes him wear a precious beads necklace. She is very much in love with Virendra. She expresses her love for Virendra. He says I want to tell something to you. He thinks of revealing the truth to her. She asks him to sit quiet, and adorns him with jewelry. Virendra sees her love in eyes. She tries telling him why he came to her palace. Chandrakanta gets hurt. Virendra applies the ointment to her feet. He forgets to tell her the truth and explain. She gifts him the box which has Tilismi keys.


Sita gets to know Ricky misbehaved with a girl in chawl. He fooled the girl and took money from him. Sita angrily slaps Ricky, after the girl complains about Ricky. Ricky has done the same thing with Sita. He has fooled Sita of love to get his property. Ricky breaks things and asks Sita how dare she slap him. Sita asks him to lower his tone. The neighbors come and scold Ricky, asking him to leave. Kokila takes Ricky home. She tells everyone that she will decide who will stay in her house. She tells Ricky did not go back to Singapore. She wants to reform Ricky, and make him part of family. She wants Ahem’s son to take care of the house duties.


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