Aaliya’s happiness to get down in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita could not arrange Aaliya’s lahenga and hides the matter. Adi promises Aaliya to keep her forever happy. They confess love to each other. Shagun asks Ishita about the lahenga. Ishita gets worried. Mihika and Bala get a similar lahenga for Aaliya. Shagun likes it at first. Ishita says even small people can make designer lahengas. Bala lies that he got the lahenga from Shagun’s designer. Shagun checks the lahenga detailing. He gets the designer rate tag on the lahenga. Ishita thanks Bala for getting lahenga in less time. She gets angered thinking Ishita lied to her. She confronts Ishita about the designer lahenga. She asks why did she stop her before when she ordered the lahenga from designer.

Ishita does not know what Shagun is saying. Ishita asks Mihika and Bala to answer Shagun. Bala admits he has bought the designer lahenga, as its important day for Aaliya. He takes the blame. Mihika explains Shagun that they were helpless to buy it. Aaliya thanks Ishita for the gift. Shagun hides the matter from Aaliya. Ishita feels sorry that Bala did not ask her once before buying lahenga from designer. She says Shagun is mistaken that I have ego against her. Bala and Mihika ask her to end the matter here. Roshni helps Ishita in cooking. She shows the dishes she made. Roshni prepares for Adi and Aaliya’s haldi. Aaliya checks her dull mehendi color and wonders how did this happen. She informs this to Adi. She sounds much upset and thinks what’s the meaning of low color mehendi. Adi scolds Roshni for spoiling Aaliya’s mehendi.


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