Dayavanti’s family attempts to kill Avni in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil tries finding Avni’s truth. Shweta hires the new maid, who worked at Neela’s place. Avni sees Aman shouting on an old servant. Avni feels bad seeing Aman ill treating elders. Dayavanti sees Avni watching them. Avni asks the old servant to throw the water on Aman’s face to settle scores. Avni punishes Aman and gives him a warning to better change.

Dayavanti welcomes Neil’s parents. Riya troubles Avni, by acting good towards her. Diksha and Riya plan against Avni. Diksha makes Avni’s clothes catch fire. Neil saves Avni by blowing off the fire. They have a romantic moment. Shweta scolds Avni for eyeing Neil and snatching him from Riya. On the other hand, Dayavanti gets to know Avni is alive.

Aman plays his move to take revenge from Avni. Avni and Neela gets attacked by chemical gas. Avni and Neela cough and stop their breath to get saved from the poisonous gas. Neil comes to save Avni. DD informs Neil about the blast in Avni’s house. Neil checks who is trapped inside. Neil gets to know Avni and Neela are trapped inside the house. He gets fire brigade and police team there, to find Avni and Neela and rescue them. Neil tells Avni about his past and girlfriend Juhi. Neil will be opening up about his past. Will Avni trust him and share her past? Keep reading.


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