Omkara to know Chulbul’s identity in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara threatens Kaali Thakur and goes to find Chulbul. Kaali Thakur warns Gauri not to do anything. Buamaa meets Shwetlana to know what’s her planning. Shwetlana plans to surprise Omkara. Buamaa says I will keep an eye on you, by being with you all the time. She handcuffs Shwetlana and her hand. Gauri realizes Omkara will not go without Chulbul. She takes a step and messages Omkara, calling him to meet. She runs away to avoid marriage with Kaali Thakur. Gauri meets Omkara as Chulbul. Omkara hugs her being much relieved seeing her fine. Kaali Thakur goes to call Gauri. Gauri as Chulbul asks Omkara to leave from Bareilly, as Kaali Thakur will kill him. Kaali Thakur sees Gauri gone and sends his men to find Omkara and Gauri.

Omkara tells Chulbul that he won’t go alone. Gauri refuses to go with him. Omkara asks Chulbul to come along. Gauri forces him to leave. Omkara gets stubborn and takes Chulbul along. Kaali Thakur stops them on the way. Gauri asks Omkara not to do this and leave. She prays for Omkara’s safety.

Omkara fights with Kaali Thakur and his men. Gauri also gets in middle of the fight. Kaali Thakur laughs seeing their friendship. Kaali Thakur goes to attack Omkara. Omkara defends and pushes Chulbul away. Omkara shouts to Chulbul, asking to run away and save life. Gauri’s fake identity of Chulbul comes out. Omkara gets a huge shock seeing Gauri. Kaali Thakur thinks to see the drama post this revelation.


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