Naintara to embarrass Shivika in Ishqbaaz


Pinky has hired Naintara and tries to introduce her to Anika in a shocking way. Shivay tries to keep Anika and Naintara at a distance. He fears Anika can’t tolerate this truth that her mother is a bar dancer. Pinky throws a party at home. Naintara dances in the party, making the Oberoi mansion a place like her bar. Naintara spoils the celebrations. She flirts with Shakti. Shakti feels odd. Naintara dances with Shakti. Everyone stand silent and does not know how to react seeing Naintara’s mujra.

Pinky says this is my husband Shakti. Naintara greets him. Naintara embarrasses Oberois. Anika comes in between, and stops Naintara. Pinky introduces Naintara as Anika’s mum and Shivay’s mum in law. She says Naintara has abandoned Anika in childhood and now came back to stay with Anika. Anika gets ashamed and does not know the truth, that Naintara is planted by Pinky. Shivay does not think of his respect and consoles Anika.


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