Naira’s CLOWN surprise for Kartik in Yeh Rishta….


Naira understands that Kartik tried to tell her about Mansi’s truth when the pre marriage functions were going on. She realizes Kartik is not wrong. She shares her heart with Rajshri. Rajshri asks her to understand Kartik, who never cheated her. Naira feels she is not sensible enough to manage new relations. Rajshri asks her to come in Kartik’s birthday party in such a way that his annoyance ends. Naira learns everyone is going to attend the birthday party. She does not accompany them. Kartik tries to stay happy, but badly misses Naira. Akhilesh sees Kartik weeping alone and apologizes to him, feeling guilty for whatever happened.

Kartik tries to smile and look happy. Manish also senses Kartik’s suppressed sorrow in heart. Suwarna gives hope to Manish that Naira will make everything fine. Kartik meets Naira’s family in the party. He had hope that Naira will come with them. He gets saddened on not seeing her. Naira plans a surprise for him, and makes a filmi entertaining entry, dressed up as a clown. She sees Kartik upset and sheds some tears in a corner. Naira entertains Kartik and brings smile on his face. Naira performs for Kartik. A small accident reveals Naira’s truth. Kartik leaves from the party, still continuing his annoyance. Goenkas worry for Kartik and Naira’s relation. Naira tries hard to convince Kartik, and succeeds.


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