Kaali Thakur attempts to marry Gauri in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara gets to know Gauri’s truth that she has been staying as Chulbul in his house, the one he was madly finding in Bareilly. Kaali Thakur does not kill Omkara and instead gets fun watching Omkara and Gauri fight. Omkara gets angered on Gauri for cheating him, after knowing he hates liars. Gauri tries to explain how helpless she was. Omkara asks her did she not get a single chance to tell him the truth, when they had become best buddies, why did she stab him with deceive. Gauri tells Omkara that Kaali Thakur kidnapped Buamaa. Kaali Thakur proves Gauri wrong in Omkara’s eyes, by making Omkara confirm that Buamaa is still at home. Buamaa tells Omkara that she was never kidnapped.

Gauri has no proof for her innocence. Omkara ends the relation with Chulbul and hands over Gauri to Kaali Thakur, asking him to do whatever he wants. He asks Kaali Thakur to end their enmity and stop interference in his life from now on. Kaali Thakur accepts Omkara’s proposal and takes Gauri for marriage. Omkara lands home, where Buamaa and Jhanvi ask him about Gauri. Omkara tells them the truth how Gauri cheated him as Chulbul. Jhanvi tells him about Gauri being helpless to hide the truth. Jhanvi accepts Gauri as her bahu, while Omkara angrily decides to abandon Gauri and marry the evil Shwetlana. Jhanvi and Buamaa decide to make Omkara realize Gauri’s decency and loyalty. Gauri gets chained and pulled to the mandap, where Kaali Thakur is waiting to marry her. How will Gauri get rescued this time? Keep reading.


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