Rangeela no more a GHULAAM


Shivani is tortured again. Veer crosses limits and asks Choudhary not to come in his way today. He points gun at his dad and asks him not to stop him. Veer did Shivani’s Swayamvar in front of everyone. He calls the middle-aged men for Swayamvar. Veer does Shivani’s Cheerharan. Shivani cries and begs to him. She sees Rangeela and requests Rangeela to save her for his Shiv ji’s sake. Rangeela will get against Veer for the first time. Rangeela asks Veer to leave Shivani. He could not bear to see the tortures on Shivani. He stops Veer, and says if you don’t regard her wife and can’t respect her, I will make her my wife and respect her.

Veer slaps Rangeela. Rangeela does not stop and covers up Shivani. Rangeela asks Veer to kill her, but he will not stop today. He holds Veer’s hand and asks him to just stop it. He explains Veer that this is too much, he will do something that Veer can’t tolerate. He says I will forget my slavery and loyalty today. Rangeela does not leave supporting Shivani. Veer keeps slapping Rangeela to stop him. Rangeela has strength of love. Shivani’s love wins over Rangeela’s slavery. Veer and Rangeela’s fight will begin after this track.


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