Misunderstandings give hope to Dipika in Dhhai Kilo Prem


Piyush learns that his dad went to Dipika’s home with his proposal. Piyush gets shocked and runs to stop them, as he loves Sarika. Piyush tells his dad that he loves Sarika, not Dipika. His dad tells Piyush that if Sarika accepts his love and agrees to marry him, he has no objection. Sarika refuses to marry Piyush, which shatters his dreams. Piyush and his family get a shock. There is much drama. How will Piyush handle the rejection? He gets drunk and goes to meet Dipika.

Dipika dreams of Piyush. Piyush really comes to her room by her balcony window. Dipika wonders if she is still dreaming, did he come to say I love you. She checks him by touch and realizes he has really come. She gets glad and asks him to hold window well. Piyush is drunk and tells her to go to her family and tell them that she does not love him. He falls down the balcony. Dipika runs to see him. Dipika does not understand what he means to say. He tries to tell her that he does not love her. But someone interrupts him. Dipika thinks he is confessing his love.



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