Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Sasural Simar Ka: Simar and Mata ji along with Riddhima try to control Kaal. They chain Piyush. Kaal is much powerful and breaks all the chain. He shouts he is Kaal and none can control him. Riddhima decided to control Kaak anyhow. Piyush says I will ruin this universe, Bharadwaj family can’t stop me, no tantra vidya can find a solution to control me, I m free of all bounds now. Riddhima’s mantras weaken Kaal for a moment. Riddhima fails in front of Kaal’s power.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Kosi’s plan fails when Bani beats up Kosi. Bani has sent Thapki and Aryan on a date. Samar helps Bani. Kosi tells Bani that Aryan is not Bihaan, he is just lookalike and has relation with Thapki. She jokes on Thapki and Aryan. She tries to show Aryan’s truth to Bani. Bani does not tolerate this and gives a warning to Kosi, saying if you doubt on my dad or say bad about him, I will beat you more. Kosi gets shocked seeing Bani’s behavior.


Suraj loses his temper seeing Vivaan humiliate Imli. Vivaan asks Suraj did he keep Imli as his mistress, when he already has his wife Chakor. Suraj turns into an angry young man and beats Vivaan red and blue. Suraj says if you say anything to Imli again, I will break your legs. Imli asks Suraj to leave Vivaan. Vivaan asks Suraj why is he feeling bad. Vivaan is angered on Imli and getting his frustration out on her again and again. Suraj has turned into Imli’s savior.

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