Marriage drama begins in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara does not find any way to save his family from Shwetlana. Shwetlana threatens that he will lose all his property if he refuses to marry her. Omkara gives his consent, while Buamaa begs him not to do so. Jhanvi tries to find some loopholes in the prenuptial agreement, by which Omkara will not fall in pressure by Shwetlana for marriage. Omkara with a heavy heart decides to sacrifice his happiness and gets ready as the groom to marry Shwetlana. She gets glad that Omkara has lost in the fight and will not oppose her any way. On the other hand, Kaali Thakur forces Gauri for marriage. He tells her that Omkara will not come for her rescue this time, and she has no option than to fall in his cage.

Gauri feels its better to give up her life than marrying Kaali Thakur. Before her strengths fall weak, she asks Lord to show her some way by which she can identify where Omkara’s happiness lies. Gauri plans to run away from Kaali Thakur’s haveli. Omkara decides to do anything for Jhanvi’s happiness. Jhanvi tells him to get Gauri back, for her happiness. Jhanvi reads the contract, and gets to know Omkara’s wife is mentioned in the agreement, rather than Shwetlana herself. Jhanvi advices Omkara to leave Shwetlana and get his wife home. Will Omkara get Gauri back? Keep reading.


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