Anika to realize Naintara’s lie in Ishqbaaz


Anika learns Shivay has bribed the media to put the matter under wraps. She gets to know her mum is a bar dancer and does not feel anything bad about it. She asks Shivay did he feel shame to cover the matter and not let her meet her mum. Anika tells Shivay that still her name, blood and family matters to him, so he has taken this step. Shivay tells her that he was just concerned for her, and thinking how will she handle the truth. Anika misunderstands Shivay and succeeds Pinky’s plan. She runs to meet her mum.

Anika meets Naintara, who is trained by Pinky to do drama and make Anika emotional. Shivay for Anika’s sake accepts Naintara as his mum in law. Pinky asks Naintara to stay back with them for more days till Shivay and Anika’s relation breaks.

Kamini and Ranveer will be seen back in Priyanka’s life, to use her and enter Oberoi family. Naintara tries to use Anika’s emotions. She convinces Shivay to stay back with them. Anika senses Naintara is not her real mum. She tells Shivay that she did not feel anything by Naintara’s touch and hug. She gets sure that someone is playing some game with her by planting her fake mum. Shivay does not believe Anika at first, as he has reached Naintara by his search. Anika stays firm on her intuition that Naintara is not her real mum. Will Anika and Shivay find out Pinky’s plan? Keep reading.


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