Avni to reveal Dayavanti’s motives in Naamkarann


Avni threatens Aman about police. She says I know you have done gas leak in my house. She asks him to change, else she will hold his ear and take him to police. Aman tells her that Dayavanti’s business sense is great, so she is getting Riya married to Neil, as Neil belongs to a rich business family. He tells her that Neil and Riya’s marriage is a deal, mind is needed to save respect, after Neil and Riya get married, we will kick you out, I m the only heir of all the property. He says Prakash has much money, which will become ours now. Avni gets a shock and asks is this all a deal.

Aman says of course, what did you think, Riya loves Neil? Avni smiles and thanks Aman for making her work easy. She has used Aman’s statements in her favor. She asks him not to stop trying, she will be here always. She provokes Aman and makes him admit the truth. She makes Shweta hear the truth. Shweta was passing by Aman’s room, and gets to know Dayavanti’s plan. She apologizes to Avni, and says I heard Neil and Riya’s marriage is a business deal, he is my only son and I can’t sacrifice his happiness. Shweta feels sorry to humiliate Avni and believe Dayavanti before. Avni has love and anger for Aman in heart. She feels he is innocent that he said everything on little instigating.


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