Rangeela and Veer initiate a death game in Ghulaam


Rangeela raises a voice against Veer. There is much drama. Veer sees Rangeela taking Shivani along. Veer shoots Rangeela and asks him to save himself if he can. Veer and Rangeela have a death game. Rangeela gives his gun to Veer. Rangeela asks Veer to kill him, but its last chance for him to stop him, if he escapes then his slavery towards Veer will end. Rangeela falls down. He says if I reach this gate, you won’t be my master, I won’t be your Ghulaam. Veer hunts for Rangeela and Shivani, and likes the game. Rangeela has made the rules for the game. Veer is given six bullets. If Rangeela and Shivani get saved, then they will get saved forever.

Rangeela does not want to be Veer’s slave anymore. He accepts Shivani as his wife and holds her hand to take her away from Veer. Veer’s doubt on Rangeela was right. Veer realizes Rangeela loves Shivani, and now its revealed to everyone. Veer tells Rangeela that he will decide everything as Beramhampur belongs to him and he is the owner of everyone. Rangeela gets shot, and still tries to save Shivani.


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